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Everything Pumpkin
Peanut Butter Pumpkin
Note: Dogs love the fat cookies Frozen.
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Healthy Gourmet Dog Cookies
Where you can find Tammy's Delights  Retail
Bentley's Corner Barkery
90 S. Evergreen (corner of Sigwalt & Evergreen)
Arlington Hts., IL 60005
lot of natural healthy toys/bones

new location in Schaumburg
Golf Rd. W of 53 next to Portillos (little strip mall)

Long Grove by Sunset
Rt. 83


Tammy's Delights  - Now Open 
117 N. Northwest Hwy.
Palatine, IL 60065
at the back of 119 N. (Law Offices) Brick Building, next to abandoned gas station by Popeyes & across from Palatine Park dist. (Wood St.)

Winter  - HOURS
M Thru F - 11 to 5:30
Sat. & Sun. 11 to 3:30
Please feel free to call
 630-263-3408 if you need something we may still be around baking:)

Vernon Hills 
Rt. 45 at Train Station
Sat. 8-1
June 7 thru Mid Sept.
Farmers Market 
if you have any questions or to Pre-Order 
call me at 630-263-3408 Tamara
Northwest Hyw. & Rt. 83 Train station parking lot
Sunday - 8:00 - 1:00 
June 8th thru Mid Oct. 
Tammy's Delights 
Tammy's Delights gourmet dog cookies (treats) are all natural.  They are made with fresh ingredients and wholesome, good for you grains - Oats.   Even though they are a grain, it is a healthy grain.  It doesn't cause your 4 legged best friend to have allergic reactions (scratching & hot spots) like wheat & corn.  Which by the way are the two most allergy causing agents out their.  

The 4 basic healthy ingredients are: Oats, Butter, Nonfat (powder) Milk and Eggs.  That's it, No Preservatives!  Now we add the good healthy real stuff just like when you go grocery shopping.  Organic Peanut Butter (no sugar), Banana,  Green Beans &  Carrots,  Vanilla Yogurt, Blueberries,  Pineapple (in natural juice - great for dogs who love to clean up their own back yard - if you know what I mean), Sweet Potato, Papaya and the list goes on.  

You won't ever find us using any of the following - which by the way are Cancer or Allergy Causing ingredients:
BHA or BHT - used in the 30's/40's as a lawn pesticide, now it's used as a rubber stabilizer.
Animal Fat & By-product - comprised of road kill and euthanized zoo & vet animals.  They are put in a vat and boiled, the fat that comes to the top is skimmed off and then BHA and or BHT is used to preserve the fat so it doesn't go rancid. 
Animal Digest - still no definitive description on this; some part of the animals inside stomach.
Meal - it needs to be specific where it's coming from in order to be okay. Ex. Fish bone meal. Can't read Chicken meal by-product (still bad).

This is one the reason I came up with Tammy's Delights.  The other is I was hearing so many stories of peoples 4 legged best friends getting our human aliments.  Their quality of life was terrible, unhealthy, costly or worse, dying.  As you can see from what's going into your dog's treat/food it's no wonder your best friend is sick.   For me making Tammy's Delights is a "passion" about keeping her and others healthy.  Thank you.

I hope this information helps you learn to read your labels on your treats and dog food. Do research on any words that you don't know.  Goggle is a very helpful resource for this.

Give Tammy's Delights a try - I guarantee your 4 legged best friend will thank you with lots of kisses, better listening skills and will know exactly where to sit for their treat.  Enjoy 
Gift Certificates Available for Positive Reinforcement Dog Training - see Barkery/cookies